Construction location Bryan’s garage, Sacramento, California
Solar Panels 3 SunPower SPR-300 approx. 315 watts each or 945 total watts
Panel Output Approx. 60 volts @ 5.5 amps each
Batteries 3 12v Optima spiral lead-acid, 55 Ah Yellow-top, 42.5 lbs each
Motor controller Crystalyte 4840 48-volt 40 amp run modded to run at 36v
Solar charge Controller Outback MX60 charges up to 60 amps 12-60 volt input
Remote controller video display Dedicated 7” LCD screen and remote TV camera
Power/trip Display DrainBrain (Now cycleAnalyst)
AC battery chargers (3) Iota Engineering DLS-55 w/IQ4 55 amp @ 12v
Recumbent Tandem Trike Greenspeed (Australia) GTT 2002
Gearing 14 speeds, two front chainrings
Captain/Stoker Intercom Tandem-com wired duplex headsets
Rear Hub Motor Crystalyte 5303 brushless DC in 20" steel rim (Phoenix ‘Racer’ driven at 36 volts)
Front through-chain drive motor EcoSpeed 750-watt brushless DC w/planetary gear
Throttle Hall effect, switchable to control chain-drive motor or hub motor
Tires Tioga Comp-Pul, 20" x 1.75 inch @90 PSI
Drive tire Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20" x 1.75" @ 80 PSI
Headlight Six Luxeon 3w LED run at 24v
Amber Xenon Strobe Caterpillar 24v


 Design touring cruise speed  20 mph
 Top speed  22 mph
 Pedal-up speed to start  7 mph
 Approximate muscle-powered wattage contribution  300 watts/hr (boosts speed from 17 to 19.5 mph at same motor power)
 Solar/human energy ratio  Approx 3:1 solar/human
 Watt-hours/mile @18 mph  30 w-h/mile (no pedaling)
 Watt-hours/mile @ 21 mph  50 w-h/mile (no pedaling)
 Miles per dollar of AC wall charge  400 miles per dollar
 Maximum range, battery only  50 miles @ 17 mph, 30 miles @ 22 mph
 Maximum range w/summer solar  200 miles/day
 Time to fully solar charge batteries  2 hours

 Nose-to-tail length (bike + trailer)  23.5 feet
 Maximum width  41 inches
 Trailer touring cargo capacity  Approx. 15 cubic feet
 Bike weight w/o riders  160 lbs
 Trailer weight  300 lbs
 Total operating weight w/2 riders  860 lbs